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Denise and her "girls" have brought me out of my shell.  I am able to go to the hair salon and make the most out of my days.  I love the companionship and fun that my caregivers have brought back into my life! - Laura Sprock

Don't just take our word for it...

In loving memory of Marjorie K. Garson 1908-2010 This is the woman who helped shape my life personally and professionally.  I worked with Ms. Garson for 14 years, her feisty spirit and pure heart is what gave me the drive and passion to cater to the elderly.  At 101 she was living a full and rewarding life and I was honored to be a part of it.  I will always credit her with being the single-most influential woman in my life. - Denise Riehle.

"Without Certain Care, I know my mother would be dead.  They have given her a quality of life that embodies respect and dignity.  Being out of town, I do not have to worry about her well-being.  Thank you so much!" - Paula S. Knill, RN (daughter of Mrs. Sprock)

Dear Denise,
This contract comes with many thanks for doing what I would have thought impossible.  I asked my father if everything was OK with his living arrangements there, and he said, "yes, don't change anything."  That was a remarkable success.  And the apartment looked better than it has in years.  I know how much time and effort (and aggravation) this has been, and I am very grateful for all you've done for my father. - Eleanor Rand Weihner

"Denise and Certain Care were the only caregivers that my mother would allow into her home.  Her life would not have been the same without Denise and her team.  Denise was able to keep my mom up and thriving through 14 years of medical and emotional battles.  At 98 she had a knee replacement which would not have been possible without Denise's presistence with the doctors that it was not about age; it was about quality of life, and she was up and moving again in record time.  I would recommend Certain Care to anyone who has an aging or disabled loved one." - Michael Garson

Denise and her team did a wonderful job helping my mother recover - could not have done it without them.  Thanks for helping us through. - Marsha Coven